Distributed File System

Peer-to-Peer Collaboration

Distributed File System

When IT professionals come to our site, Peer to Peer Collaboration is their focus which is why they generally look at a Distributed File System in the first place. We decided to build this distributed file system site so we could address the following “field problems” when it comes to field collaboration or “Peer to Peer Collaboration.” Here are some of the basic issues we strive to help you address in your company:

  1. How to increase file access performance (and worker productivity) for branch office workers – and reduce bandwidth usage at the same time using a distributed file system and 3rd party software conjunctively
  2. How to efficiently share files between geographically separated project teams (e.g. headquarter and branch office sites)
  3. How to use server mirroring technologies for file collaboration with branch office sites and partner firms
  4. Reviewing alternative technologies to distributed file systems like WAN accelerators (like Cisco WAAS, Packeteer iShaper, Bluecoat Proxy SG, Riverbed Steelhead, etc.), Sharepoint or FTP Servers
  5. How to enable Backup, File Collaboration (Sharing), and Auto-Failover in a few easy steps when you have a properly set up distributed file system.

As for #5 above, we are packaging FolderMaestro with DFS Namespace (for simple file access fail-over) to our valued customers.

Ultimately, you need to work with Professionals who are not new to understanding the functional applications of a Distributed File System and how to employ Distributed File System technology along with less well known software and hardware systems to allow for a fully integrated Peer to Peer Collaboration Solution! If you are looking for a company who can help out with computer repairs in Las Vegas, we can help with that as well if a distributed file system is not for you.  Please call if you have questions about how we can help your company!

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