Distributed File System

Comparing Alternatives

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Peer Software vs Riverbed's Steelhead Suite

If you are trying to figure out when to look at different file sharing technologies, it can get a bit confusing, especially as you deal with large file collaboration.  Today, we want to deal with the idea of a WAN Acceleration product like Riverbed’s Steelhead product and compare it with a distributed file system using third party software and helping you know when it’s better to consider WAN Optimization and when it’s better to look at buying a distributed file system package.

When is Riverbed’s  Steelhead a good idea?

  • When you have issues getting all of your data through the pipe currently, apart from your file sharing needs
  • When you share files, but don’t really collaborate on them (i.e. Marketing sends tons of pdf’s across the country, but they don’t get concurrent attention.)
  • When your people are consistently complaining about access speeds.

When to consider a distributed file system (with Peer Software suite)

  • When there are multiple offices sharing and editing files and you are not sure exactly when each group does this
  • The files go back and forth multiple times
  • You want local access speeds at remote locations

If you would like to chat about your situation and how a distributed file system might work for you, please call our sales tech, Tom, and he can go over these details with you.