Distributed File System

How Many Files Before Considering a DFS solution?

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How do I decide when to consider a DFS Solution?

If you are considering a Distributed File System, you might have questions.  The most common questions we hear come along these lines:

  • How many files should be transferred across the WAN before we consider a DFS solution?
  • How many MB (or TB) generally go across offices before IT staff implements a DFS solution?
  • What types of files work best transferring data across the WAN?

These kind of questions are natural and logical.  If you have 5 offices and all of them are sharing files, at what point is it more cost effective to have a DFS solution than a FTP or WAN acceleration product?  The basic answer to this question is essentially when the speed of the connection starts to inhibit the productivity of the office.  If your WAN accelerator is working fine, why change.  However, if people are routinely grabbing cups of coffee while their files are transferred and loaded, it may be time for you to look into a Distributed File System!