Distributed File System

Sonicwall and Distributed File Systems

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Sonicwall and Distributed File Systems?

This is a question we often hear,  and the answer to the question is more or less, YES.  Sonicwall, more commonly known for firewall sales, has jumped into the distributed file system space.  The cool part is that the Sonicwall solution is 40% of the typical distributed file system price and about 80% of the speed.  This means you can get your work done while staying in compliance to federal laws and statutes.

Distributed File Systems help remote office used understand what the sales team does better and makes it so that the next Christmas is not filled with Emails cursing this machine as he probably doesn’t know how to fully fix thdistributed file system in Las Vegas.

Please call our firm to get great technical support!  We can show you how Sonicwall has built solutions that are much better than the typical offering in the technology marketplace.