Distributed File System

Distributed File System for Engineers

Distributed File Systems for Engineers

If you are an Engineer with a large firm, certainly one of the issues you face is that of file collaboration. What one engineer is working on in Albuquerque is also needed by another engineer in Tampa.  These kind of file issues is what makes our products so exciting.  We combine the stable technology of a distributed file system with some efficient software to make file collaboration for an engineer a breeze.  No longer wonder what version each engineer is working on.  Stop fighting to gain access to a file, know who has it and avoid the long lag time you are currently used to between when you first click on a file until the time it is delivered to your desktop.  Some engineers can wind up waiting 15 minutes or more for a single file to load.  Our system will eliminate this and may also make the WAN Optimizers unnecessary. By having a distributed file system working in conjunction with cutting edge software, you will see a massive productivity increase from your engineers!