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iShaper Replacement

iShaper Replacement

 If you paid for the iShaper from Bluecoat, you undoubtedly feel a bit frustrated at this point knowing that your support will end in about by the end of 2011.  People paid up to $100,000 or more for the Bluecoat iShaper and to only be able to use the product for a few years must be maddening.  We can’t make this product be supported longer, but we can offer you a solution that is a fraction of the cost compared to the iShaper and which will actually work better!

Instead of caching like iShaper, our product (FolderMaestro by Peer Software) actually synchs files between servers at remote locations.  To keep this simple, what makes FolderMaestro better than iShaper?

  • You will get full replication rather than caching like you did with the iShaper!
  • Support is available for more than the next year or so!
  • No “seed files” or “pointer files” like iShaper.  (Which can cause lag times of up to 5 minutes!)
  • Have live files all hosted locally and synching so that no one is waiting forever for the recent iteration to pull down
  • Cost is much better with Folder Maestro than iShaper.  We see most customers spend 1/3 to 1/2 what they would have spent on the iShaper and get a better solution!

If you want to learn more about FolderMaestro by Peer Software, please give us a call or download a FREE TRIAL! (This will include the serve and laptop versions)