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Distributed File Systems vs WAN Optimization

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So, you have a server in New York City, another in Los Angeles and another one in Las Vegas.  Your company is growing and you are the head of IT.  You are seeing that your New York and LA offices are having to share a lot of files and it is putting a severe burden on your precious network.  So, you are having to make a decision, do you go ahead and go with WAN Optimization or do you come up with an alternative like a Distributed File System?

What are some of the advantages of a DFS over WAN Optimization?

  • You don’t transfer the whole file every time something is opened, thus reducing your network bandwidth.
  • You have live copies at both sites, so if server A goes down, a working copy is on server B.
  • The price point can be much much less than traditional WAN Optimization products

If you are struggling with network performance and want to chat about a Distributed File System, give our sales reps a call.  We can work with you no matter where you work in the country or the world!