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Sharing is Caring – Even With Files

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Do Your Offices Know How to Share?

If you have a bunch of branch offices that have to share large files, no doubt you have looked at WAN Optimization and probably other file share systems.  Some people tend to shy away from Distributed File Systems or DFS because of some common concerns regarding distributed file system technology. 

  • File Locking — What hapens if client using server A is accessing a file and a client at server B is also accessing this file, when both save, what revision will “win”… Is one person’s work nullified?
  • Remote Site Connections — If a engineer for your company does their work on a laptop, do their files sync automatically, or do they have to remember to push out updates?
  • Overwriting by Unauthorized Personnel —  Sales rep looks at work engineer has spent time on and changes a few details because their account requests it, engineer is not aware and when the bid comes in, a PR nightmare comes with it.  Is your intermediate files at risk if a change is made, or are they saved?

Any distributed file system that does not answer some of these simple questions should not even be considered. Give us a call if you’d like to know how we address these issues.