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Distributed File System Integrations

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How to Use DFS Namespace with 3rd Party Software

As custmers like architecture firms or engineering companies strive to improve their efficiencies and make sure their employees are working at full capacity, there is often a need to integrate a Distributed File System with a 3rd party software or hardware solution to take advantage of the DFS stability and the 3rd party efficiency.  We focus primarily on integrating FolderMaestro with a Distributed File System so that companies can share large files over multiple servers in multiple geographic areas.  Doing a simple distributed file system and then having everyone pointing to the root and having to transmit these large packets of data over the WAN is not cost effective in relation to bandwidth of the network or the individual who is trying to pull this data.

FolderMaestro allows there to be a “live copy” of the file on each individual server which “talks” to the other servers in a “check-in/check-out” fashion.  There isn’t the 10 to 20 minute lag time for the huge files and there aren’t revision issues.  A distributed file system with it’s caching mechanism works ok for some companies, but for companies who have real peer to peer file fharing needs, a 3rd party software needs to be added.  There are many that work in different ways which we can discuss with you.  The iShaper, Riverbed, FolderMaestro, etc…  There are probably 20 different companies who have some distributed file system solution, they all vary widely in price and we’d be happy to give you side by side explanations of why we focus on the solution (FolderMaestro) that we do! 

If you are considering a distributed file system for peer to peer file collaboration, please give us a call!