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Remote Laptop and PC Data Backup

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How Our Data Backup System Works

If you have remote employees, they work on laptops or PC’s at their home offices.  If you think about files, all files represent labor.  Someone had to do work for a file to be created.  So, if the laptop of the engineer in LA dies, what happened to all their data?  Is it protected?  Is it backed up?  Does your process require the user to synch or does it happen automatically?  If it is automatically, is it a system hog so they try and figure out how to shut it down?

Utilizing a distributed file system along with a desktop/laptop backup system is often just the solution.  The whole laptop hard drive does not need to be backed up, just the changes, making this process much faster for the user.  Having an archive is important so you can return to previous revisions if necessary.  Maybe there was a rework done on a project and you can show the client the work that was done and how that changed compared to the final file for billing reasons.  If you are an engineering company or just a regular company with a lot of important remote employees, you should give us a call so we can speak with you on how to get all the remote workers plugged into a system with continuous and reliable updates!