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NTFS File System

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How we integrate with a NTFS File System

When someone is looking into a distributed file system, there is generally questions as to how solutions will play with the NTFS that is native to Windows file structures.  NTFS is simply the name of the Windows file system structure and its capabilities today. So the folders, files, permissions, and other configuration items you see on your computer or server can be described as an NTFS system.
What we do in our file synchronization + file locking solution (e.g. FolderMaestro product line) is to first synchronize / mirror the NTFS file system on 1 server to all the other the servers of a company and then overlay with distributed file locking to control version conflicts (so that no 2 persons can edit the same mirrored copy of a file at the same time in different locations).
So we’re additive to and overlay on top of a NTFS File System in a distributed / mirrored environment.  Please call if you have been considering distributed file sharing but had concerns about file locking and revision control and we’ll show you how our FolderMaestro system will work with your existing NTFS File System.