Distributed File System

What’s Needed for a Successful DFS Implementation

What's Necessary to Make My Distributed File System Work?

If you have been looking around and you want to know what are some of the technical requirements for our DFS solution, here are some of the basics that you will need to have to successfully implement our Distributed File System.

  • All of the systems which are using the Distributed File System must be able to implent and access Window’s bases filing systems.
  • The collaboration package which we sell to you must be installed on each user of the collaboration group.
  • You must allow the servers to see one another via the UNC path
  • Wordpad and Notepad are not supported due to the limitations of these files in the first place
  • The Peerlock package by Peer Software is designed to run optimally when installed on file servers, not on local machines accessing files via a web browser.  Local machines should be attached to a file server.

If you have any questions as to whether or not a Distributed File System could help out your company, you should give us a call for a phone interview so we can assess your needs and whether or not this is the best solution for your company!

See how our Distributed File System makes it possible to work on large files without having to wait for long periods of time to access the files.  We help you share, collaborate, and keep document revisions straight.  There are technicalities, but our MCSE and Distributed File System expert can walk you through all of the technical jargon.