Distributed File System

Folder Maestro Free Trial

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If you want to try some of the technology this site is speaking of, specifically, the Free Trial of Folder Maestro by Peer Software, you will want to go ahead and download it from us!  Why?  Our technician will give you free set-up support if you download the link from this site.  Don’t download peer to peer collaboration software that you have to set up on your own when you can get free technical assistance on Peer Software’s Folder Maestro server product.


The main benefits of the Folder Maestro Server products are:

  • Site to site replication with file locking
  • Increase remote user efficiency and productivity of branch office workers
  • Decrease file access time
  • Multi-site file collaboration
  • See how locking technology eliminates revision issues
  • Reduce bandwith
  • Share files between geographically separated project teams
  • Disaster recovery possibility
  • Auto-Failover with Folder Maestro by Peer Software

Also feel free to give us a call to specifically discuss how Peer Software’s Folder Maestro can help your company with peer to peer collaboration.